For our first post I’ve decided to go back to the start. I’ve been sewing since I was nine years old; mending came naturally to me because it was simply a way to reconstruct clothing that had fallen apart. Because I knew how clothes were sewn, I could confidently attempt to put them back together with a needle and thread. Darning was another story.

Most people assume I learned from my grandmother, but the truth is I learned from the internet! This article is the one that infected me with the mending bug.

Image from Make: | Arwen O’Reilly Griffith

Once I realised you could visibly mend something in a colourful, prominent way and not need to have perfect handiwork, I was hooked. Instead of hiding it, you could be proud and show it off! We have pinned some examples on our Pinterest board to inspire you, but I also recommend searching for the hashtag ‪#‎visiblemending‬ on Instagram if you want to see some lovely examples. –ELF