Tutorial Tuesday: this one’s for all the beginners out there who want to start mending but need help with the basics. Maybe this is you or someone you know?

Like Wendi says, there are plenty of ways to tie knots, but this one is easy and *fancy*.

When I’m tying my starting knots, I often make a few knots on top of each other (or wrap more than three times on the needle like shown here) so you get a bigger knot. Looser-weave fabrics (e.g. handknits) need bigger knots so your thread doesn’t slip through. If you’re sewing with a single thread instead of a double thread (e.g. for thin fabrics or hems), you might need to make a double or triple knot, too.

Let us know if this helps! (This video has been added to our Pinterest page in case you need to find it later.)