I’m giving a talk today that is part of a whole event about Repair in the Community. My bit of it is all about the wonderful online repair community, of which The Daily Fix is very much a part, but I thought it was also a great excuse to make sure you all know about the fabulous ‘real life’ repair communities that are springing up all over the globe around Repair Cafes.

Repair Cafes are volunteer led repair events where members of the public can take their broken stuff to get it fixed for free, and to find out how to fix it themselves. They not only help keep stuff out of landfill, they help to re-skill us, and allow those with the know-how to pass it on to those who want/need it. And I really do think that they not only help the local community on a practical level, they also build and help make communities stronger. People make connections, conversations happen, and that is how change happens.

As you may have gathered, I’m a fan!

Check out the website, and take a look to see if you have one near you.