Mender extraordinaire Rachel Bucknall sent us the cutest photo of a monster mend for her husband Erin’s jeans. {Rawr.} TINY MONSTER LOVE!!!
Rachel says: “Erin ripped a hole in his jeans ages ago, and asked me to help him patch them. I’d suggested a monster then (it’s a Pinterest favourite), but we hadn’t gotten around to it, so I figured his birthday was an excellent opportunity.

“On Erin’s creative direction and with my technical advice, we used doubled-up black silk for the mouth. I sashiko-stitched the patch behind, which also reinforced a weak section directly under the ‘mouth’.

“The teeth are some old sheeting, cut in zigzag strips. I whip stitched the fabric under the ‘jaw’ of the monster, and backstitched just inside each tooth to fix it into place. They’re already fraying so I doubt they’ll last long – we might replace with a knit fabric or embroider them when needed. The eyes are satin-stitched using embroidery floss – we were inspired by the colour and placement of one of the pins holding the silk patch in place.

“I’m surprised how much affection Erin has for this mend already, the monster keeps attacking me!!!”