I’m not sure why this article popped up in my FB feed recently, as when I looked at the date on it, it is from 2013.

It’s calling for a Fixer Movement, similar to the whole ‘Maker Movement’ that has grown so big over the last few years. I wrote about this for Mend It May, and I genuinely feel that the Fixer Movement is coming. No, actually I don’t. I think it’s already here. It’s already started and it’s really starting to gain momentum.

The Fixers Collective that the article refers to is just one of a growing number of repair events that are now happening all around the world. People are starting to realise, or remember, that they can fix stuff. And these repair events are not only helping people to fix their stuff, they are reminding people that stuff can and should be fixed.

What do you guys think-are we all part of the Fixer Movement?