ICYMI (in case you missed it!):

Melbourne-based sustainable sewist Gaye Abandon posted this awesome beanie mend on Facebook on the weekend. Gaye said: “I help out at my local op shop with the occasional darn and mend. Here’s a recent beanie fix.”

I still can’t figure out how she blended it in so invisibly. Tell us how you did it, Gaye! (And how you matched the yarn colours so well.)

UPDATE: Gaye later told us she mended the beanie with grey cotton thread. “I picked up the stitches that had unravelled, rejoined the piece of yarn that had broken, causing the hole, then gathered the knit stitches together to replicate the pattern on either side,” she said. “Was a lovely beanie and nice to know someone will get some wear out of it (and the op shop will make a few bucks…..)”