Mender extraordinaire Elisabeth Lovén shared this clever shoe repair recently on our Facebook page and we just had to share!

“Hey! I mended my SHOES! I really thought it would be too tough to handle by hand and I couldn’t make my sewing machine reach the spot. But grandma’s old thimble did a good job helping me! I broke one needle about halfway though. 🙂


Elisabeth used extra-strong polyester thread and a normal needle (“thin but strong and very sharp”).

“Since the edges were torn I couldn’t follow the old seamline so I just made new uneven stitches! To fasten the thread in the beginning I made one stitch with single thread and then put the two ends together and sew with double thread until the last stitch. For the last stitch I split them in two again, pulling each through their own hole and fastening off with a reef knot followed by pulling them through the leather back and forth once.”


Leather needles work really well for this type of job, but by all means use whatever you have. We also learned that dental floss can be used when strong thread is needed, so long as you’re OK with white stitches on whatever you’re mending.