Got tiny holes in your old t-shirt? Julieann Machin just turned hers into ladybugs [ladybirds] and shared it with us on the The Daily Fix Facebook page. AMAZING!

Now her three-year-old is jealous, as are we!

Julieanne says: “I just started sewing tiny red stitches very close to each other, further down and out from the hole, and worked up until I had gone past it (I was still wearing the t-shirt so this seemed like the easiest direction), trying to alter the width to make the bug shape. Then just added the black head over the top of the red using close stitching, a central line down, I went back to the middle of the line to try to add a ‘spot’ then worked around adding the legs.”

The second photo “is underneath so you can see the messy work side” she says.
“I am not very good at sewing… but I don’t think you need to be as long as you like what you’ve done. I learnt that I should have more colours of embroidery thread in the cupboard because it would have given a better result and also I had wanted to make one of the holes into a caterpillar 🙂