Woohoo – I fixed a thing with glue stick!

My friend loaned me this amazing, vintage, spring-loaded game called Booby-Trap (yes, really) for a party, and one of the partygoers drew a smiley face on it with a permanent marker.

You have to look closely-it's in the top left hand corner!
You have to look closely-it’s in the top left hand corner!

I was SO MAD. You can just make out the smiley face in the ‘before’ photo – my attempt to clean it off with magic eraser only made it worse (the white smear). Whenever I’m about to give up on a repair, I remember visible mending!

I used an old map with my friend’s house on it, a paper cutter to trim it and a glue stick to attach it to the old board. I think it looks pretty good!