Today’s daily fix comes courtesy of my mom and dad!

After using her blender to make chocolatey pie filling, Mom filled it with water and soap to clean it. She forgot there was a spoon inside when she turned it back on. Uh-oh. The blender cracked and the spoon (pictured on top) is now art.

Dad fixed it with something I’d never heard of called Bondic, liquid plastic that hardens when you cure it with UV light. The blender works fine now and is completely waterproof (just “a little scarred”). Crazy.

At Bright Sparks‘s repair service, so many appliances came in with broken pieces of plastic that we couldn’t fix – latches, jugs, lids, you name it. It was one of the most common problems we saw, and the saddest because we knew there wasn’t much hope. We tried so many kinds of glue, but most mended parts couldn’t hold up under the strain of whatever job they were meant to do.

I’d love to try out this stuff and see if it works. Has anyone here tried it and can tell us about it?