Today is a very exciting day, friends. I am now the proud owner of a fully functioning Teasmade, aka the greatest appliance ever made – a kettle, teapot, alarm clock and reading light all in one.

I’ve wanted a Teasmade for ages, ever since I visited Bright Sparks in London and helped restore one.

A friend sent me a tip about this lovely 1960s model she found at Quirky Collective earlier this year. Luke, our workshop manager at Bright Sparks Australia, replaced the frayed electrical cords to make it safe, but the kettle leaked and needed new seals. Believe it or not, finding the right seals was the hard part!

I crowdsourced for help on Jen’s A Make Do and Mend Life Facebook group and was referred to A. Plumb & Son in the UK, described as “great” and “old school in the best of senses”. What transpired was an amazing customer-service experience, with 25 messages sent back and forth between Roy Plumb and me, including this crazy diagram I made:

Teasmade front bits.jpg

Roy saved the day, that’s for sure. And now I am living the dream, enjoying a lovely mug of pineapple, lemongrass and ginger tea, perfectly brewed. And I get to enjoy another one of my “Yes! I repaired something tricky myself!” super highs. It’s addictive.