Check out this fun shoe repair from Tanya in Melbourne!

I was interviewed on 774 ABC Melbourne radio on the weekend about all things fix-y, and Tanya commented on the station’s Facebook post with a photograph of her amazing shoes. I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Tanya says: “I bought these shoes on holidays in New York about five or so years ago. I wore them pretty much every day for the rest of their trip, because they’re so comfy!

“About a year back, they started getting too shabby to wear out, but were still super comfy. I’d been reading a lot about visible mending online, and had been practising that on my op-shop cardigan collection. I figured I couldn’t make the shoes any worse, so I gave it a go!

“I like to use contrasting colours for mending – no shame in wearing your frugal and sustainable fashion ethos on your sleeve (or shoes!). I used some felt I had from a leftover project, and some mending yarn that I found at Lincraft.


“I initially focussed on covering the exposed innards of the shoe, then worked on really tight stitches to seal the hole and affix the felt to the fabric of the shoe. The rest was decoration! The right shoe has green felt and blue stitching, the left has pink felt and orange stitching. I love the contrast and the fact that they don’t match.”

Well done, we say. Have you ever visibly mended a pair of shoes? Let us know in the comments.