On the same day we learned about Tanya’s shoe mend, Catherine told us about her family’s amazing Hills Hoist repair.

For our readers outside of Australia, a Hills Hoist is an iconic Aussie invention –a height-adjustable rotary clothes line, designed to permit the compact hanging of wet clothes and their maximum area to be exposed to drying by wind rotation”. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

The repair happened awhile ago, but Catherine “wanted to show the resourcefulness of my family, in that a broken clothesline was more a challenge to be met than a disaster, or simply a device to be replaced”. Hooray!

Catherine says: “With a great deal of discussion and also conferring remotely with an interstate friend who is a welder (and a problem-solver), my husband managed to resurrect our ancient Hills Hoist, which had been toppled from near the base at a teen party. Don’t blame the kids: there was a huge rust hole and the kid just hit the pole in play, more shocked than we were at the outcome.

“The base was cactus, so the inside and top section were relocated with a new glove of steel tubing cemented into the ground, and a reworking of the joint and turning mechanism. I was very proud of my husband’s efforts. Also, I had got sick of hanging the clothes diagonally.”