Most of us heard about Men’s Sheds, or Men in Sheds, groups that originally started as a way to get men together supporting each other’s mental health.
Well now there is a Women’s Sheds Movement which has started to empower women to take on what might be traditionally viewed as ‘mens jobs’ i.e. the DIY jobs involving power tools.
We first read about this project over on the fabulous 1 Million Women blog and as far as I can tell (from an admittedly very brief interweb search!) this one in New South Wales, Australia is the only one of it’s kind.

Do you regularly use power tools and take on any manner of DIY projects? I have to confess that the fixing in our house is divided along traditional gender lines, with me doing the sewing, patching and darning and hubby taking on anything involving anything electrical or structural. I think I’m largely ok with that although on the odd occasion I have been let loose with the drill it was quite fun…!

What do you guys think?
Is there a gender divide in your household for fixing or would you take on any task?
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