Hurray for Fridays! And for Fixing! And for Fix-it Fridays!
This is your chance to share and show off your repair wins, or maybe to ask for help with a tricky mend and get advice from the ‘hive mind’.

Here’s a fix from our house this week that was well overdue.
During the summer holidays our washing machine started making a funny noise, like something was stuck in the drum. This is not an unusual occurrence – we have two boys, one of whom loves to secrete things away in his pocket. Usually teeny tiny pieces of lego. And as I am hopeless (as my mother in law is fond of telling me) at remembering to check their pockets before I ram yet another load of washing into our very well used washing machine, I quite often find Lego and other small toys in the drum or the seal.
But this time there was nothing to be found in the drum.
I mentioned it to hubby and asked him if he would take a look (I did talk the other day about the firm gender divisions we have for our fixing roles) but stuff just kept getting in the way, and it was probably over a month before he finally got round to dragging the washing machine out from under the worktop (I just kept shutting the door to block out the noise during that time…)
So the other evening when the kids were in bed saw my super hero fixer hubby guddling around the innards of the washing machine. He has performed a couple of fixes on it before, so is possibly getting a little blase about taking the thing apart now. However nothing could be found, and he was scratching his head a bit. And then it occurred to him to check the easily accessible little hatch at the front of the machine (something to do with the motor?),


and there rattling around was a grand total of 7p. We’re rich!
The lesson here is to check the easy things first before diving in and taking things apart 😉

So what have you guys fixed this week?
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