Following on from yesterday’s post about repair being better than buying new, we found this article from Greenpeace that looked into which country is most likely to get their mobile phones fixed.
Greenpeace surveyed people in the USA, Germany, Russia, Mexico, South Korea and China about their attitudes to new gadgets and e-waste.
It turns out that China and South Korea lead the way in getting their damaged and broken phones repaired, but even there the figures are only 66% and 64%. And in the USA and Germany this falls to a depressing 28% and 23%.

So how do we change this?
How do we persuade people that there really isn’t any need to upgrade their phone whenever the latest version is released? And how do we spread the word that phone repair is cost effective? And even some of the time something that can be achieved easily at home (with a little help from You Tube!)?

Here at The Daily Fix this is one of our primary aims: to demystify the repair process, and encourage and support people in fixing their stuff.
Together we can do this!