Tanya recently showed us this adorable mend and we had to share.

“My sister asked me to mend the tear in my nephew’s jacket,” she said. But her sister didn’t know how she was going to mend it, heh heh.

She used felt offcuts and embroidery floss to make the face.

“I tucked the (much larger than the hole) red felt under the hole, so it covered all of the stuffing in the jacket. Then I cut out the ‘teeth’ from white felt, and positioned them between the red felt and the underside of the tear. I then folded the torn edges under and stitched along the edges (it’s almost like a really lazy satin stitch, to give the red outline).

“Once that was done, I cut out two circles of white felt and placed them where I wanted them to go. I used white floss to fix them in place, and black floss to do the pupils. My nephew was pretty stoked with it!” We are, too!