It really does feel like there is a Repair Revolution afoot. Or actually maybe not afoot, it’s already happening.
Projects like the Repair Cafe and Restart Project are now truly international and have events all over the globe, but there are also more and more amazing ‘independent’ repair initiatives popping up all over the place.

Fixers Collective in New York is one such enterprise, and aims to help us collectively learn the skills and patience necessary to care for our things.
I love that they included patience in that mission statement…I am not a patient person and I totally get the fixing something can sometimes involve a little more self control and a little bit of perseverance compared to the alternative of tossing it in the trash. But as we all know, patience is a virtue!

Anyways, check out the Fixers Collective, and if you are in the vicinity of The Big Apple, why not pop by and say hi 🙂