Erin flagged up this story ages ago as a good one to share here on The Daily Fix, but I only just got round to reading it. And it’s kind of blown me away.

This guy, Roland Roos, spent two years travelling around and fixing the broken things that he saw. No one asked him to, no one paid him to, and quite often no one even said thank you after he’d done it.
Instead of Random Acts of Kindness, Roland was performing Random Acts of Repair.

He looked out specifically for areas or things that were completely neglected, and that no one was taking any responsibility for. And then he’d fix them.
But the goal of Free Repair wasn’t just to fix individual broken things. Roland was also showing people that anyone can do these things. Anyone can choose to take responsibility for the the broken things around us, and fix that little bit of the world.

You can read more about Roland in this piece on the Treehugger website, and you can see pictures of some of the repairs Roland carried out during his two year project on his Free Repair website.

Now, who’s up for a few Random Acts of Repair..?!

Featured Image credit: Roland Roos