Have you tried kintsugi? It’s the Japanese art and philosophy of repairing something with gold (or silver or platinum) and making it better than new. The item becomes more beautiful and valuable because of the gold and because of its history. It’s visible mending at its finest!
You can read more about it herehere and here. (This article by Guy Keulemans is particularly good and includes some wonderful images from the new Object Therapy exhibition at Hotel Hotel in Canberra.)
Rachael Causer, aka @mothandco on Instagram, showed off this awesome mend last week. “The bowl I made came out of the Raku firing with huge cracks, so I broke it and mended with gold,” Rachel said. “My first attempt at Kintsugi, not counting ‘mending’ biscuits or cracks in walls! True to Wabi Sabi, I think it’s nicer for its breaks.”
I attended a kintsugi class in Sydney a few months back and was inspired. The technique I learned was a quicker, nontraditional method that I discovered was not foodsafe. I’m still researching methods and materials that are foodsafe – if you know of any, get in touch!