A little while ago Erin and I had a conversation about how we (as in our global society) need to learn to love our stuff again. Not in a trying to accumulate as much stuff as possible way, but in an only buying things that we really, really love way, and then committing to loving that thing and keeping it for as long as possible way. When you you really invest in your things and really love them, you want to keep them going, you want to fix them when they break, and then that repair becomes a part of the story, and deepens the love you have.

I kind of struggle a little with the whole concept of loving ‘stuff’ and I think some of the problems we have in our modern world can be attributed loving things over people. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I guess I’m possibly using the wrong word, maybe we don’t need to learn to love our stuff again, we need to learn to value it.

Anyway, whether it’s loving or valuing, there can be no doubting that fixing our things, and keeping them going is a brilliant way to gently challenge societal norms, and a wonderful piece of very gentle activism.
If you’re not sure where to start, then clothes are a good place. And this website, aptly called Love Your Clothes, has loads of tutorials and videos walking you through some simple repairs, as well as lots of tips for how to look after your clothes so that they last longer – take a look 🙂