I’m sure that if you are a fan of this page, then you are frustrated as we are at the fact that many items are designed to break, and not designed for repair.
Well now you can have your say in making this change!

The Peoples Design Lab are working as part of a European-wide project to fix the worst offenders – things that break and can’t be repaired easily.
People have already nominated their ‘favourites’ and voting is now open to vote for the product that you think most needs to change – there are 100’s, and many of them are single use products with excessive packaging, but if you scroll through them you will find some that need better design to enable them to be repaired more easily, like these Samsung chargers or these low-cost headphones.

If your particular bug bear isn’t listed, do let us know what it is by either leaving a comment here, or on our Facebook page.
Happy voting!