Do your jeans have holes in unmentionable areas? This post is for you.

Visible mending is awesome, except for when attracting attention is the last thing you want to do. When you find a hole in the crotch of your jeans, machine darning is the way to go.

Somehow we ended up with three pairs suffering from holey crotches! I don’t even want to know why. I mended them all in one go and took photos to show you the process.

Step 1. Turn your jeans inside out and assess the damage.


Step 2. Cut a patch to fit over the damaged area and iron it on with fusible interfacing (I used Steam-A-Seam). You could skip this step but it helps reinforce the mend, makes the next step much easier and the finished product more professional looking.

The jeans above were made from heavy, sturdy denim, so I used denim scraps of a similar weight to patch them. The jeans below are made of softer, thinner denim and are a tighter fit, so I used scraps of soft men’s cotton shirting to patch them. I don’t want scratchy, bulky patches rubbing up against my skin!

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Step 3: Turn the jeans right side out. Using thread that matches your jeans, sew forward and backward over the worn spots with your sewing machine until you’re happy with the coverage and it blends in. A few stitches in each direction, repeated as necessary, should do the trick. (It’s kind of like a zigzag stitch, but up and down instead of side to side.)

after: inside view


The jeans above weren’t in bad condition, but the fabric is thin and the tiny hole and worn patches were only going to get bigger. Also: crotch holes are not cool. The longer you wait and the bigger the holes get, the more work you create for yourself later.

Step 4 (optional): Colour in any remaining light patches with a permanent marker. I have a navy blue Sharpie that I use just for this purpose! I also used a bit of Fray-Check liquid fabric sealant to seal any worn spots that I couldn’t sew over easily (e.g. on pockets) and make the jeans last a bit longer.

Here are a few more before and after shots: