Holey jeans don’t stand a chance in our house – I’m onto them!

I got this pair in a clothing swap and couldn’t wait to patch them. My jeans never seem to get holes in them (*almost never) so I feel like I miss out on all the visible-mending fun.


This pair was covered in unusual holes that were longer than they were wide. My best guess is that someone (one of Ralph Lauren’s minions) took a utility knife and just slashed their way down, bit by bit. “Ta da! Fashion!” I can hear them say. “So stupid! Whyyyyyyyy???” I say.

At first I tried rectangular patches and sashiko stitching. It didn’t look right to me, though, so I unpicked it a week later.


I held up quite a few different fabric scraps to see what might work. I stood there with a scrunched-up face for quite awhile, trying to figure out what I wanted. (This step is optional.)

Then I decided to use the shape of the holes for inspiration and turn them into raindrops. I nearly talked myself out of that, too, but decided that trying is better than not trying and I just needed to get on with it. I cut all of the shapes freehand and ironed them on with fusible interfacing.


But raindrops weren’t enough. I had to go and make stormclouds (from wrong-side denim) to cover the holes at the top!


I started patching these at a crafternoon. I mentioned how the holes on a rear pocket were large and oddly shaped, and I needed an additional shape to cover it. Raindrops would look weird, but a lightning bolt might work, ha ha.

Then my lovely genius friend said: “Do you want some silver metallic fabric for that?” YES I DO.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

(You can’t really tell here, but that’s a Liberty Betsy raindrop at the bottom.)

And now I have rain pants with a silver lightning bolt on my rear end. I’m pretty happy about that.