I thought is might be useful/interesting for Erin and I to share some of our favourite equipment and tools for fixing, in this little “In my fixing kit” mini-series.

First up, and possibly a really obvious one is a darning mushroom.
I actually have two. The dark brown bakelite one was sent to me by a listener to BBC Radio Wiltshire after I went on there a few years ago to talk about My Make Do and Mend Year (our year buying nothing new). The handle unscrews to reveal a secret compartment where you can keep your darning needles. I totally love it.

The wooden one is a mystery – I genuinely can’t remember where it came from, but it has appeared in my mending kit and I use it regularly (when I can’t find the other one!)

Darning mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes – you can get egg shaped ones, or even ones with lights inside to help you see your darning in dingy light! If you don’t have one and want to have a go at darning, then anything with a curved surface can be used instead – think tea cup or even potato or orange (and then when you accidentally stab it you get the bonus of a fresh citrus aroma…).

Darning is a great way to mend holes in socks and any woollen garment, and is far easier than you might expect.
We found and posted a great video tutorial a while ago which shows you how to use darning for a visible mend. The technique for an invisible mend is the same, just pick a matching, rather than a contrasting thread!

Do you darn?
We’d love to see some pics of your darning mushrooms-pop over to our Facebook page and show us your pics 🙂