Hiya! I’m teaching a needle-felting repair class in Melbourne on 21 November and thought I’d share the details in case you’d like to come along.

It’s a super-simple technique that anyone can do and SO MUCH FUN, but it’s not that easy to explain without demonstrating it. So I finally decided to teach it and share the joy. Yay.

This cashmere jumper has had three lives already. It’s developed five small holes and suffered a stain from some hair dye since I bought it at the op shop [charity shop / thrift store]. It faded a bit with age, too. I redyed it pink (a similar shade but a bit more vibrant), covered the stain and patched all five holes with colourful crosses.


You might also remember this one that I mended for my lovely sister-in-law:

Emma jumper

Let me know if you’re planning to go. I’d love to see you there!