We want to encourage and inspire you to repair and love your stuff! Join the conversation on Facebook and Pinterest.


The Daily Fix is a fun project from Jen Gale in the UK (My Make Do and Mend Life), Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald in Australia (Bright Sparks) and friends around the world.

We want to:

  • inspire and encourage you to repair and love your stuff
  • demystify the repair process
  • foster a sense of community and help people to help each other with their repair projects
  • help promote the good work that individual repairers and businesses are already doing
  • and meet nice people (virtually) and have nice times.

Come and join in the conversation on Facebook and Pinterest!

We’d love to see what you’ve repaired (beautiful or ugly), hear your repair stories (fix-cesses and fix-asters), and help you solve any how-do-I-fix-it questions you might have.

Get in touch on dailyfixmag@gmail.com for a chat and a virtual cuppa 🙂

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